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First Image of the Post – How to get it

first image of the post

You might be wondering why I am writing this post when lot of sites already posted about how to get first image of the post. You will get to know that once you completed reading the post. Everyone wants to display thumbnails of their post image on Home page. Most of the WordPress themes they […]

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Useful wordpress SQL Queries for all bloggers – part 2

Useful Wordpress SQL Queries

This is the continuation of my previous post on Useful WordPress SQL Queries. Hope you might have tried SQL commands from my previous post without manipulating your database. Here we will continue with other useful wordpress sql queries. I will contine the numbering form my previous post. 6) Change the path of images: What if you […]

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Useful wordpress SQL Queries for all bloggers

Useful Wordpress SQL Queries

Most of times you or me need to update data of our blog in a bulk. For example, when you change your images folder (or) need to change same content available across different posts. Today we will look around some useful wordpress SQL queries / commands to do such actions using PHPMyAdmin. Before you proceed […]

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Automatically add NoFollow attribute – Blogspot

Automatically add NoFollow

In Our previuos post we saw How to Automatically add Nofollow attribute to external links in wordpress post. In this post we will discuss how to automatically add Nofollow attibute for blogs. For WordPress users lot of plugins are available to automatically add Nofollow attribute to external links in post content. But for […]

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Automatically add Nofollow attribute to external links

Automatically add a rel="nofollow"

By default, WordPress does not automatically add Nofollow attribute to external links within post content. For doing so we all will be depending on external plugin’s like SEO external links and so. These all plugins automatically add a rel=”nofollow” attributes to the external links within post content. Which looks as below. <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a> But […]

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Build Genuine Relation With Other Bloggers

Build Genuine Relationship with other Bloggers

Today I came across a useful post (Build Genuine Relation with other Bloggers) by Rahul Kuntala. We do lot of stuff in making our blog popular but may miss few. Above blog discuss clearly about such points. What are those points?   Build genuine relation with other Bloggers. You all create content and start promoting […]

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    Androids best free music app – Experience it


    At last I am free from my workload at office. Today I want to present you an app which I installed recently on my mobile for listening music. All these days this one kept me relaxed from heavy work at office and hope will continue. This is one of the androids best free music app […]

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    Sygic MapMyIndia GPS Navigation App

    Sygic MapsMyIndia GPS

    Today let me discuss on Sygic MapMyIndia GPS and my experience with it. All android mobiles initially comes up with Google Maps as a default Navigation tool. There is no doubt that Google Maps is one of the greatest Navigation tool ever. Main drawback of Google Maps used to be support for offline maps. Google […]

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    ClockworkMod for Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4g


    ClockworkMod (CWM), is a popular custom recovery for Android phones and tablets developed by Koushik Dutta (Koush). Yes, he is the same developer behind ROM Manager for Android, and a well-known developer in the Android dev community. ClockworkMod recovery allows you to perform several advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations on your Android device […]

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    Peach Sunrise – Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Ehxibit 4G

    Peach Sunrise

    Peach Sunrise is the first custom and stable ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. Peach Sunrise is a wonderful work of Jocala. Peach Sunrise is based on stock UVLG3 (Gingerbread). Peach Sunrise is a very lightly themed and uses a custom kernel. The industry spyware program Carrier IQ has been removed in this ROM. This […]

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    Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

    Custom Roms

    In my Previous post I discussed about my experience with Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G mobile. In this post I would like to share my experience with different Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G. Let me give the list of all available Custom Rom’s for this mobile. Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G Gingerbread ROMs  […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G a budget Phone

    Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

    I want to discuss about Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G as my first post in this blog as I use it. This was released 2011, October by T-Mobile as Samsung Exhibit II 4G with 4G availability and android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread). However later lot of developers from XDA-Developers forum developed and developing custom ROM’s regarding which I will be discussing later […]

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      Memory Leak Testing – Explore it

      Memory Leak

      Memory Leak, word which hit your mind whenever a system performs slowly or devices tops working correctly. There occur different issues with different systems / applications due to memory leak. What is Memory Leak? Each program or application will use an amount of memory to cache the needed files temporarily. When a program or an […]

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      Negative Testing / Negative Test Cases – Which one is it?

      Positive and Negative Testing

      Most of times I hear what is “Negative Testing”. It surprises me because there is not such words like Positive Testing and Negative Testing. There is only one word Testing. But there are Positive Scenarios / Test cases and Negative Scenarios / Test cases. To my surprise one of the famous blog for testing […]

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      My Views on Certification either Testing else other

      My Views on Certification

      Today when I was surfing testing blogs I came across a post My Views on Certification written by Shrini K on his blog. This gave me a thought to write my views on Certification. 1. First of all the person seeking certification should be absolutely clear what they are expecting the certification to give them – […]

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      What is Beta Testing and Making Carrier as Beta Tester

      Beta Testing

      Alpha and Beta testing are important and final phases of testing phases. These are very much important for success of any software. Both these testing techniques helped to save thousands of dollars on software releases for companies like Microsoft and Google. First of all let me explain what is Alpha and Beta testing phases stands […]

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      Sanity Testing – most confused terminology

      As a tester most frequently I hear “what is Sanity testing”. It is really a typical question for any experience tester because each and every tester will be having different approach based on their project needs. Mostly this question arises when there is a debut about difference between Sanity and Smoke. There are lots of […]

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